Top 10 reasons Bettors lose

Top 10 reasons Bettors lose Top 10 reasons Bettors lose

Top 10 Reasons Bettors lose

Top 10 Reasons Bettors lose

Poor Money Management

  • We all know this one, keep things simple get a betting bank together of money you are willing to part with. That\’s your betting fund. Bet between 1-5% of that betting bank per bet. There are more advanced techniques when it comes to Kelly Criterion staking but we\’ll keep it simple for now.

Placing Bets for the wrong reason

  • Are you betting because you\’re bored? Yeah you need to cut that out for you want to make money from Sports betting in the long run. If you find yourself betting out of boredom you may need to look at why you\’re doing that and step away from betting.

Betting too much

  • This ties in with Bankroll management, don\’t bet all your money, this can be tempting for those who have financial problems but more often than not it will come back and bite you in the ass.

Chasing losses

  • We\’ve all been there, chasing will always lead to you making poor decisions. If you notice yourself doing it shut down the computer. you need a cooling off period.

Not taking best odds

  • Taking the best number is key for long term success in betting. If you\’re settling for mediocre odds you\’ll also have to settle for mediocre returns in the long term.

No research

  • If you\’re betting on something you damn well better have every angle covered. The more information you know about the event the better.

Betting on a hunch

  • You just have a sneaky feeling that fighter A will knock out Fighter B…. F*** that. If that\’s your betting strategy you will end up a prisioner to your own biases and make poor decisions.

Following Trends

  • You\’re betting on Fighter A to get the finish because he\’s finished his last four fights? Don\’t follow trends blindly. Is the bet a value one? or is recency bias causing the public to lump on the same bet?

Making Fun Bets

  • Making multiple low stake -EV parlays isn\’t going to help your bottom line. These bets are 100% negative expected value and although they might get your adreniline pumping, their dumb and costly.

Not following a successful Capper/Tipster

  • Some of the best Tipsters/Cappers I know devote their lives to certain sports and can be a huge asset if you don\’t have the time to religiously follow a sport yourself

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