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MMA has for a long time been one of the most exploitable Sports Betting markets on the planet. In the short time, I have been tracking plays publicly I have steamed to the top the MMA Handicapper rankings on BetMMA.Tips

I don’t want to fool you into thinking drawdowns don’t happen they do… but results speak volumes. If you want to avoid falling into the same predictable traps as other MMA Bettors then I recommend you follow my time tested approach.

“Distinguishing the signal from the noise requires both scientific knowledge and self-knowledge: the serenity to accept the things we cannot predict, the courage to predict the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Nate Silver, The Signal and the Noise

I have a variety of plans to suit your betting needs. If you want a custom package simply reach out to me using the contact form or contact me on twitter @Uppercutbets

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Using my strategy for finding value bets you will profit from exploiting these inefficient betting markets



All Time Profit 


Win Rate


Return on Investment (All-time)

+4.79 units

Average Profit per event

+135.92 units

Best hot streak (7 events)


Here are some frequently asked questions.

What kinds of Bets do you make?

I recommend you take a look at my BetMMA.tips page for that info, mostly I like staight bets but on occassion prop bets are mispriced and we have to take advantage

How can I Pay?

You can register on the site via PayPal, however I will also accept any major crypto currency. If you want to pay alternatively please contact me via twitter

There are Dozens on Tipsters like you, what makes you different?

Unlike a lot of the MMA Tipster/Capper community, I don’t post “fake” odds, I almost exclusively bet on straight bets with little to no action on props and parlays

What if I lose money following your bets?

This is sports betting and there should be no illusions, drawdowns and losing events do happen but over the long-term, the edge will be established. For context my worst ever drawdown was 41.52 units while my best ever hot streak was +135.92 units. With correct bankroll management and discipline, you WON’T lose your betting bank following my advice

Do you have bets for every MMA event?

It’s extremely rare that I can’t find at least one bet with positive expected value on UFC cards. Since tracking publically I have bet on every card.

Do you really refund payments if we don’t profit too?

If don’t earn you money on the yearly subscription then I don’t deserve your money. If after the 365 days of your subscription you haven’t made a profit. I will refund your entire sign up amount.

What does 3rd party verification mean?

My bets are tracked on BetMMA.tips before the events start. Once my bets are submitted they cannot be changed. This means that you can trust 100% that my record since I began tracking is accurate and true

Why is it so easy to win on MMA/UFC?

As mentioned above, MMA is not a sport with too many “eye’s” in the betting world, and as a result, strong narratives are built around fighters and their capabilities. This can often result in wildly inaccurate odds where we can capitalise.

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